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Lead acid battery charger introduction
Lead acid  battery charger introduction
The battery charger is generally controlled  by IC,  is the most innovative high-frequency electronic circuit intelligent automatic charger. Low loss, high efficiency. Applicable to 12V, 24V battery charging, the charger also has anti-reverse function, if not connected or reverse polarity is no voltage output, only the correct connection to work properly, but also with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and other protection.

Battery Charger Overview
The principle of charging is the voltage of the charger is higher than the voltage of the battery, can be charged, the greater the potential difference between the two, charging faster, the greater the charging current, so the general 24V charger maximum voltage (no load) For the 28V, and 60A is said that the maximum output capacity, and you charge, the charger has a load, when the voltage is the battery is charging the voltage, 40A current for the charging current, the current will be charged Completed getting smaller and smaller. In addition, the size of the charge current and the size of the battery capacity is also related.

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Types of batteries and routine maintenance
We used the battery is divided into three categories, namely, ordinary batteries, dry batteries and maintenance-free batteries three. Ordinary battery; ordinary battery plate is composed of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, the price is cheap; the disadvantage is lower than the energy (that is, per kilogram of battery storage power), short life and routine maintenance frequently. Dry charge battery: its full name is dry charge lead acid battery, its main feature is the negative plate has a high storage capacity, in a completely dry state, can save the power within two years, when used, Just add the electrolyte, wait 20-30 minutes to use. Maintenance-free battery: maintenance-free battery due to its own structure on the advantages of electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life of the basic need not add distilled water. It also has a shock, high temperature, small size, self-discharge characteristics. Life is generally twice the ordinary battery. There are two kinds of maintenance-free batteries on the market: the first one in the purchase of a one-time use of electrolyte after the use of no maintenance (add replenishment); the other is the battery itself has been added when the factory electrolyte and sealed , The user simply can not add liquid. The correct use and maintenance of the battery are the following seven points: 1, check the battery in the bracket on the fixed bolts are tightened, the installation is not reliable due to driving vibration caused by damage to the shell. Also do not put metal objects on the battery to prevent short circuit. 2, often check the pole and the connection is reliable connection. In order to prevent the oxidation of the terminal can apply Vaseline and other protective agent. 3, can not use direct ignition (short circuit test) method to check the battery power This will cause damage to the battery. 4, ordinary lead-acid batteries should pay attention to regularly add distilled water. The dry charge battery is best charged before use. As for the water-free maintenance-free battery is not impossible to maintain the appropriate view if necessary to add distilled water to help extend the service life. 5, the battery cover on the pores should be smooth. The battery will produce a lot of bubbles when charging if the air hole is blocked so that the gas can not escape when the pressure increases to a certain extent will cause the battery shell burst. 6, in the battery pole and cover the surrounding often have yellow and white paste, this is because the sulfuric acid corrosion of the column, line card, fixed frame caused by. The resistance of these substances is very large, to be promptly removed. 7, when the need to use two batteries in series when the battery capacity is best to equal. Otherwise it will affect the battery life

Affect the battery capacity and service life of several cases
There are many reasons for the lack of battery capacity, mainly divided into the following aspects 1) the battery after the arrival of the user can be installed in time to use, resulting in long-term storage, the temperature of the battery self-discharge has a great impact, long-term storage is bound to cause self- Lack of capacity. 2) positive plate corrosion, deformation caused by insufficient capacity. Lead-acid battery positive plate is the main factor affecting the battery life. The capacity of the battery charge-discharge cycle, especially the decrease in capacity under deep traverse, is closely related to the deviation of the positive plate quality. A. Positive plate on the active material softening off the microscopic active substances in the existence of large holes and pore, pore size of more than 0.5cm, which is composed of many small holes, with the discharge cycle, the active surface contraction , The formation of the core from the coral-like structure, multiple discharge cycle using the accumulation of small holes, so that the macroholes continue to increase, undermine the positive structure, resulting in active off. The main reason for the emergence of these conditions is caused by high current charge and discharge. To avoid the occurrence of charge and discharge should ensure that the current and to avoid overcharge or over discharge phenomenon. B. Corrosion of the positive plate grid The corrosion rate of the deformation grid depends on the composition of the grid alloy, but the higher the storage temperature, the faster the corrosion rate, the deeper the depth of the discharge, the more serious the corrosion. 3) Negative plate sulphation In normal operation, the PbSO4 particles on the negative plate are small and the discharge can easily be reduced to velvet lead, but sometimes the inside of the battery is difficult to reduce lead sulfate, called sulfation. Many reasons for causing extreme salt salting, such as discharge can not be timely charging, the battery for a long time shelved, causing serious self-discharge, electrolyte concentration is too high, long-term lack of charge, long-term high temperature discharge, this lead sulfate is difficult to restore the conventional method , So that the reduction of active substances is bound to affect the battery capacity.
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