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Maintenance of the battery and precautions
Maintenance of the battery and precautions
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For the lead-acid storage battery and maintenance-free battery maintenance, in addition to the usual ground filling a good choice but not charge a good charge.

Take note of the following:
1. First shake the electrolyte and then add to the battery. Wear gloves when handling, and do not spill the electrolyte on your hands or clothes.
2. There is no mark line of the battery, the electrolyte can be higher than the plate 10 to 15 mm; there are two red lines of the battery, the electrolyte should not exceed the red line.
3. Some people think that the more electrolytes the greater the amount of electricity, this is the wrong idea. When the car is running at high speed, the generator output voltage is greater than the battery voltage and begins charging the battery. When charging, the electrolyte volume expands, if the electrolyte is too full from the battery cover hole overflow. Electrolyte conductive, once the flow to the battery is positive and negative between the two poles, will form a loop from the discharge. The car can not start and shorten the battery life. In this case, apply the cotton wire to wipe the electrolyte, or rinse with boiling water.
4. Do not let other items fall into the battery when adding electrolyte. If things are accidentally fell into, do not use metal materials to fishing, the application of sticks out of impurities; such as with wire or copper to fishing, metal molecules in the sulfuric acid corrosion into the battery into the self-discharge, damage the battery.
5. Check regularly whether the holes in the battery cover are ventilated. If the hole is blocked, the gas generated on the row can not go out, the electrolyte will expand the battery shell expansion, thereby reducing the battery life.
6. Regularly check the liquid level of the electrolyte, the liquid level decreased in time to add the electrolyte.
7. If the vehicle is not used for a long time, every 25 days should start the car, medium speed running about 20 minutes. Otherwise, the car is placed too long and will be difficult to start.
8. Remove the battery from the car, you should first remove the negative pole and then split the pole, installed when the opposite. Be sure to remove the battery cover when charging, can not use open fire close to the battery is charging, because the battery generated when charging the battery is easy to deflagration.
9. Do not casually to the car to replace the battery capacity than the original battery capacity. Because the power generation of the car generator is fixed. Such as changing the capacity of the battery, will make the new battery charge less than electricity, the car can not be successfully started, and long battery loss will shorten life.
10. Start the car each time the start time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, start the interval time of not less than 15 seconds.

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