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The lithium battery charging method is misunderstood

1. Lithium battery charging method - how to charge the new battery
The most popular way to charge a new battery is "the first three recharging more than 12 hours to activate the battery", but is that correct?Or is it wrong?The answer is wrong ~~
Reason one: that lasted from nickel batteries, lithium battery and nickel battery charging and discharging characteristics have very big distinction, for lithium battery discharge and charge will bring serious damage to battery, so it's best time according to the standard and charging standard method, remember not to charge more than 12 hours.
Reason two: the lithium battery after a full charge will automatically stop charging, but has been to place it in the charger, discharge may occur - charging cycles, the battery charge and discharge protection circuit may change the features, the battery on the brink of danger.
2. Lithium battery charging method - how should it be charged in normal use
For lithium battery in normal use should be how to charge this issue, opinions vary, some friend said "used to automatically shut down, there was no electricity left recharge", but some friend said "increases with the increasing in charge", for that matter, small make up has been used in practice with the first action, but find it is not necessary to do so, why?Let's have a look at it
Reason 1: the life of the lithium battery is commonly 300 ~ 500 charge cycles, if a completely discharge to provide power for 1 q, not to consider charging each cycle after power will reduce, the lithium battery can provide 300 q and 500 q of power.It can be charged 600 to 1000 times each time you charge it with 1/2.If you charge one third at a time, you can charge 900 to 1,500 times.If you charge at random, you don't get it.In short, the total energy of the 300q-500q is constant.Therefore, lithium battery life is related to the total charge charge of the battery, but it is not related to the number of charging times, and the deep filling or shallow filling can not affect the life of the lithium battery.
Reason 2: in fact, shallow filling is more beneficial to lithium electricity. Only when the power module of the product is calibrated for lithium electricity, deep filling is necessary.Therefore, in the daily use process, you can not use the photoelectric recharging, can be used with the charge, for the convenience of first.
3. Lithium battery charging method - precautions
Note 1: avoid charging too high
If charge temperature is above the operating temperature (35 ℃), lithium battery power will be reduced, namely full electric power supply time of the cases, can cause damage to the battery quality, reduce the battery life.
Note 2: avoid charging low temperature
If charge at low temperature (4 ℃), when the battery power will be reduced, and even without electricity, but with high temperature environment is different, is not permanent damage, when the temperature rises to the appropriate battery will also return to the previous state.
Note 3: use frequently
The constant use of the electron in the lithium battery is always in a state of flow, which is conducive to the extension of its life.If not used regularly, remember to complete a charging cycle for the lithium battery every month, deep and deep.

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