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Home > 5V2A usb charger for samsung mobile phone with two USB port
5V2A usb charger for samsung mobile phone with two USB port
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PE bag or bilister packing
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Product Description
EU 5v2a samsung note2 n7100 usb charger mobile phone charger
Input voltage Output voltage Output current Output power rate
100Vac~240Vac 5Vdc 2A 10W
First, the product features:
1 , suitable for the following capacity 2000MAH lithium-ion cell phone battery.
 2, using a standard mobile phone interfaces 2.0usb
 3, IC controls the charging process , the charging speed, high efficiency , automatic constant temperature and pressure when fully automatic saturation detection and avoid battery overcharge, charging up to 95% saturation .
 4 , the appearance of high-end , stylish and easy to carry with travel choice.
 5 , have been rigorously tested the aging process ! Quality first , best price .
 6 products in the security, stability and compatibility have reached the international standard safety and reliability.
Two . Parameters
 1 Input : 110V-240V
 2 Output :. 5V1000mA-2000mA
 3.LED: red monochromatic light
 4 Interface : Dual USB ports
5 Connector: can be customized according to customer needs
 6 Color: Black White
 7 Material :. PC
 8. Voltage of 4.5V, ripple and noise (mVp-p) <1% output voltage temperature coefficient ± 0.02% / ℃, start-up time ≤ Is (240 input , Io = 100%) hold time ≥ 200ms (240 input , Io = 100 % ) output current can be set to constant current output mode , very precise
 9. Protection: Overload protection 105% ~ 180 % of rated power , cooling: natural cooling
 10. Lithium direct charge, clear interface, rechargeable LED red light, for mobile phones , miner . Flashlights, rechargeable lithium digital products
Three . Packing
 1 . Packaging materials : transparent plastic bag , white box , color box packaging, plastic packaging
 2 . Size : 60mm * 30mm * 12mm
 3 . Package Size : 40cm * 28cm * 29cm
 4 . Packing : 200pcs / box 11KG / box
 5. Unit weight : 35g
 6 can be customized by guests need to specify the packaging and printing LOGO guests
 Fourth, use:
 1 , Output Current: 1000mA - 2000mA around
 2, the load output voltage : 4.16 ~ 5.0V
 3 , the charger working time : not less than 4 hours
 4 , the battery charge saturation: when at the hour rechargeable battery charge saturation should be ≥ 95%
 5 , can be applied to any cell phone charger ( only need access to the appropriate phone lines ) .
 6 , work status : blue power indicator light : indicates that the charger is plugged in
 Fourth, note :
 1 Do not strongly impact the product.
 2 Do not wet , easy to use watering place .
 3 Do not carry this product transformation, decomposition.
 2 , avoid high temperature, where the sun to charge the temperature will affect the charging effect , resulting in the charge indicator immortal.
 4 When charging, the charger shell, slightly heat the battery casing is normal .
 V. Applicable models :
samsung galaxy tab 2.1A Series : p1000 p3100 p5100 p6500
samsung note1.2a Series : 9220 9200 n7100 n7108
samsung galaxy 1.0a Series : s1 9000 s2 9100 s3 9300

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