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How to buy car chargers use and maintenance
                                                                        How to buy car chargers use and maintenance

With the recent popularity of cars and more large-screen digital products into everyone's life and work , a good car charger is definitely a must. Car charger for car battery ( car 12V, trucks 24V) power a variety of portable , handheld device field of lithium batteries , such as : mobile phone, tablet PC , GPS and so on. Here's how to choose the right for you to use and maintenance car charger.
In the purchase should pay attention to the following points:
1 First, the outer surface is easy to wear , scratches . Second, enter the contact piece is large enough to effectively ensure good contact with the power supply , even if the car does not affect the bumps through
2 car charger output voltage and current with your equipment needs of the match. General phone digital standard voltage of 5V charging current is 1A, so we have the car charger output is 5V1A, so not only can provide strong power to digital , and can reduce the charging time for the user to save time.
3 preferably with built-in fuse, can effectively prevent the input current is too large damage your love machine.
4 itself is non-flammable material, with short circuit protection, short circuit will not produce sparks and safer !
5 output interface is a standard USB, basically there are two kinds of single and dual USB USB . Single USB output current is 1A or 2.1A, Dual USB each 0.5A. ( If you buy a cottage on the tragedy )
Car charger used:
Car Charger with common difference is that the charger plug - car cigarette lighter charger plug is a type, found in the car cigarette lighter ( usually the one in the cab and luggage ) , inserted into the plug ( to a inserted in the end , it clicks on the line ) , and then connect the other end to charge your cell phone or other digital devices. In the car started before charging .
Car charger maintenance:
Maintenance should be noted that the USB interface hygiene. Remove the car charger when not installed put away !
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