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How to choose a battery charger
How to choose the right charger?

We are professional manufacturer for battery charger, many customer don't know how to choose a charger before they want buy, so we have following suggestion or you can contact us if any battery charger question.

When the user selects the charger naturally have different preferences, where the recommendations focus on performance options.
1.charging speed. Common charger uses constant current charging mode, charging speed and charger provided by the main current. The charging current increases, the faster charging. The duration of the charge and the charging speed of the addition, the size depends on the battery capacity. Note that the greater the charge current, the charger and the battery's internal system design quality that is required. Generally, the charging current, the charging process may result in more heat generation, the battery performance may be greater the damage. Poor quality of the charger and battery in high-current fast charging is prone to leakage and other safety issues.
2. charging the charging efficiency of the energy input to the battery is not completely converted to the energy stored in the battery, some of it is inside the battery are used for side effects and converted to heat during charging, the charging efficiency is always less than 100% . Charging the charging current should be controlled within a certain range, the charging current is too large or too small, will reduce the charging efficiency. For quick charger for large current, but also on the charger for charging a special design, in order to improve the charging efficiency.
3.charge termination control Small current charger generally use the time control mode. High current fast charger commonly used - △ V control and other control mode of combining the design, intelligence level higher. Charger provides current increases, the more complex the charge termination control, costs, and the higher the price. For users, should be based on their actual situation to choose. If you use the battery capacity is not very high, or the charging speed is not particularly value, you can choose an ordinary charger; higher prices if necessary to select a quick charger, the best performance on the charger and the battery to make some more understanding. For example, you can provide the maximum charge current 1000mA charger, used to 600mAh capacity NiMH battery, the battery will need to be specially designed for high current charging the battery, or to ensure that the charger can provide a smaller current selection.
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